The European Commission & WHO launch digital health initiative

Don’t look now, but the European Union is partnering with the World Health Organization to begin the implementation of what they call a “Digital Health Initiative and they have plenty of other ways to describe and title what is, in essence, a digital passport for the next time a public health issue happens. All of this will be rolled out as a way to keep people safe, and it is billed as being for the greater good.

The UE and WHO organization proved with COVID that they are a terrible option when it comes to public health, but governments all over the world proved to be completely inept. Some do not see it as inept at all, but a trial run for a great suppression of people’s ability to freely move about the world. What happens if a person would not comply with what is needed to get such a digital passport? What about nations that would not want to participate? The answer is those who will not comply will be frozen out of what would be normal freedom of movement.

As with most bits of news I show, it is always with an eye on the world we know is coming, if we take literally what Scripture teaches.  

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