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what is old path ministries & How did we get here?

Pastor Chris first came to Calvary Chapel of Cypress in late 1985.  To that point in his life, he would describe himself as a religious person but the idea of having a relationship with God was a foreign concept.  It didn't take long sitting under Pastor Jack Stevens and the through the Bible study philosophy of Calvary Chapel, that he found a relationship with God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, was not only possible but it was essential.  It is from that new found approach to studying the Scripture that, for the first time, he saw that every book of the Bible, though written by numerous writers, had one author only, and that was God Himself.

In those books, He reveals who he is, who we are, what we mean to Him and how it is to walk rightly and honorably before Him.  He speaks of eternal life and what that eternal life is, for those who love Him and keep His word.  It is because of these truths that Old Path Ministries continues the through the Bible studies that Pastor Chris first learned and now desires to continue in an online format.  In addition to teaching through both the Old & New Testament weekly, we will also add content dealing with society, culture, religion and politics through a Christian worldview.
Though the videos are presented in more of a monologue format, we would value your questions and would love to provide more information for discussion.  
If you have topics you would like to see addressed aside from our through the bible study, contact us here. 

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