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israel trip update

At the rate things are changing and more air that is taken out of the fear campaign of the last 2 years, we may have a window for a trip to Israel. We are scheduled to leave on October 31, and return on November 11.

 ****  FEBRUARY UPDATE  ****

There are some substantial changes being enacted for March 1st that could be very significant to tours going forward.  We are looking into an earlier trip in the middle of May. What we are waiting to see is if the following changes will be made by the middle of May:
+ Removal of all mandates for vaccinations.
+ Removal of PCR tests at the airport.

The reason for this is if we test there and it comes back positive, that person would be in quarantine for the duration of the trip and would spend all of the trip in a hotel room. If it is a rapid test, I will find which one they would use and do one here, before we leave.
As far as the mask mandates on the place, we will see if our own government can also get some sanity between now and then.

Please let me know ASAP if anyone is able to put the time aside on this short of notice. Again, all this assumes we get what we are hoping is a totally new type of guidance as listed above.