California's Aggressive LGBT Culture War

It is hard to believe we have slid this far, this fast. In my former state of residence, the celebration of perversion is also spilling over into legal matters and how children are to be handled in custody disputes. I have read more than a few accounts of parents embroiled in bitter custody matters over this farce that gender is a matter of feelings over biology. One parent does not want this lie to be accepted in their child’s life, and the other does.

This law, if implemented would give favor to the parent affirming this evil, assuming all things being equal with the parents. How it fully plays out on a case-by-case basis would be something to watch when such cases are heard. To me, though, the bigger concern is how society is shifting in favor of something so absurd, the damage of which is yet to be realized and we may never really know how devastating this will be to those trapped in this lie.  

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