Benjamin Netanyahu warns of new form of antisemitism

Benjamin Netanyahu warns of new 'pernicious' form of antisemitism, reveals behind-the-scene details of Middle East peace deals with Donald Trump, being 'disrespected' by Barack Obama in wide-ranging Glenn Beck interview
(from the December 2022 Newsletter)

I am one who believes in the Bible’s ability to give specific details of future events, or what we call prophecy. I don’t mean the unbiblical modern prophets type of stuff, but events Scripture mentions about our days and near future events. The nations mentioned (Iran/Persia) here have a history with Israel but Russia, not so much. Ezekiel in chapter 38 mentions them, but their historical name.

What is of importance is Netanyahu’s assertion that Antisemitism is on the rise and it isn’t hard to find, as he points it out. He, in my opinion, is the right man at the right time for Israel. We know that Israel has been given promises which are still future, and them being back in the land, after 1900 years of displacement is no accident, it was promised.

This is always a great indicator of where we are in time and what is happening in Israel and what are nations doing regarding her. Genesis 12:3 is a promise, with no shelf life.

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