Have you heard of a 15-Minute City?

Have you heard of the 15-minute city? This is something many are not familiar with, in concept, but if you live in high population areas you have likely noticed those places where housing is building upward, and the bottom floor is comprised of stores and businesses. They are seen as convenient and part of a larger movement that is intended to replace existing land with housing within 15 minutes walking distance of any needed services. I watched it being implemented in locations in Southern California when property was repurposed and developed. We are seeing it here in Texas as well, in places it does not really seem to be in demand.  

What is behind this, you may ask? I would refer you to the website and it will all make sense, at least for those wondering what possesses people to conceptualize these societal changes. As with so much in culture and public policy, it is part of the green agenda, and they have no problem making that abundantly clear.  As the Green movement advances radical changes in the day-to-day life of people, there needs to be questions asked about who decides and who oversees the planning. As of this time, in our country, these policies are being implemented from the highest office in the land. The administration champions such things and has goals that are fantasy but will cause real disruption if they ever see full implementation.

This way of living is one of countless examples of where we are heading. It is also another example of how powerful people can control the masses; which is an interesting twist when we consider this as an eschatological matter in its control of people.  

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