Science needs to stop using terms like male, female, mother and father, researchers say

Such articles are not really news, since we are treated to this insanity each day. Neutral pronouns, nonsensical self identification, celebrating deviancy, reverse racism, and the overall dumbing down of society is the norm and no longer the exception. Here is one such example of the countless ones we see all day every day. The larger picture to the student of the Bible is to know these things are significant, given the days in which we live. Where there is no standard, there is no truth. Everyone can do what is right in their own eyes. The other troubling part is now, for the first time, those who insist on common sense and who will not buy in to this new reality are seen as the problem and the obstacle which needs to be defeated. Just 10 years ago I think we would have laughed at this absurd cultural shift, but now we are on the defensive, if we hold to traditional views. Matters of gender, that skin color should be a neutral matter, sexual orientation or identification or even what makes a person a citizen of the country to which they belong. These were, in times past, not controversial. Well, not any longer, sad to say.

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Lauren - April 12th, 2023 at 10:39pm

I have a biology degree and have used it in pathology. This nonsense was not floating around ANYWHERE on campus or in the hospitals. I cannot imagine how my former professors now might be trying to alter their language for lectures, if they are. I have been reading/listening to books/YT talks by Douglas Murray and James Lindsay, both unsaved. They are very astute at analysing all of this madness over gender and race.