Verified records of King David found off Dead Sea Coast

There are some in Israel who believe that David and his son, Solomon, were not the world powers they are described to be. Some would even question they existed as Scripture records. But, as with all such beliefs of the secular type, just hold on and things will become more clear. In this article, David is mentioned by a foreign nation and king, and the item in question has been around for quite some time. What is so exciting to see is how God is opening the eyes of His people, Israel, which is precisely what I would expect in our times.

We have been showing articles more and more which give evidence that such things are occurring. If you take the view that much of the scripture tells of future events, and those events include Israel as the primary focus, we should expect to see such news to be common. We need to be praying God continues to open the eyes of His people, while we pray for the larger world to know Jesus.

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