Proposal to Divide Temple Mount

There are few places on the planet with more intrigue than the nation of Israel. Don’t get me wrong, we visit there annually, if there is opportunity, but because of the spiritual significance of the land it will always be a location with much contention. I ran across this article recently and what it describes is highly contentious. Though a division of the Temple Mount may not be carried out next week, it will happen eventually, it has to be.  

Scripture tells us that a Temple is going to be built and it will be at the location somewhere close to the one Jesus would have seen. The proposal is to obtain the property to the North of the buildings which are of interest to Muslims. This has nothing to do with anything other than hatred of the Jewish people, since this place did not mean all that much to Muslims until a Jewish State was established in the middle of the last century.    

The article shows the anger that the likely suspects would have over such a proposal, while at the same time demonstrating that matters of great interest are taking place in our world, and in Israel as a whole. So that the article will make sense, here is an aerial view of the Temple Mount.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE!

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