What's going on in Israel

There is no greater single exhibit I could offer of where in are in time than Israel. Since being gathered back in land and becoming a sovereign nation in 1948, they have been a fascination, if you view them as a creation of God's handiwork, as an indicator of where we are prophetically.

Here are a few articles to demonstrate the points and they has global implications. Immediately upon taking office Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the expansion of settlements in territories that have long been controversial in Judea and Samaria. It started the likely response from other countries and the UN.

The left flank of their politics is quite similar to ours here in the US and all the same accusations and slogans are used there a here. Calling them fascists, homophobes and all other tied and true accusations and titles. Of course, everything happening in Israel will be debated among the elites in many nations and organizations.

Even the media wants to find things to hang on the Prime Minister and in an ironic twist, there are those in Israel who are troubled over a phone call between Benjamin Netanyahu and Volodymyr Zelensky. Hopefully the Prime Minister can look at the history of phone calls with him and be careful.

In short, there is so much happening there and the next few months will be fascinating to watch as many new policies will begin to roll out in Israel.

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