UN's Declaration to Meet Climate Targets

UN Declaration Calls for as Much as $10 Trillion a Year to Meet Climate Targets
(from the December 2022 Newsletter)

This article gives plenty of details on what is intended by the United Nations, as well as groups like the WEF. 2030 is the target date for all of this insanity, and if you have never looked at Agenda 2030, it is worth looking at and you will find it is very much like the Great Reset proposed by the WEF.

“Green Energy” sounds great, but as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Look at the amounts being discussed in this article and imagine the way it would change everyday life for all people, worldwide. The idea of “zero emissions” is not only impossible, it is dangerous. Green plants need Co2 in order to product oxygen. The people in charge must know this, and yet they persist.

Finally, the idea of wind and solar sound great, as long as there is a constant, stable supply of wind and solar. Not to mention the land mass needed to replace fossil fuels is beyond comprehension. There are plenty of articles and video you can witch or read which shows how ridiculous this idea really is. One thing which is never mentioned is the amount of breakdown there is in this, especially wind. Turbines and blades do not last forever, and rare earth minerals are needed for solar panels, which also do not last forever.

Given all of this, it begs the question, why the push for something so costly and so inefficient? There is much more to this than meets the eye.

Click Here to read the full article from The Daily Caller 

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