Are the Biblical End Times Upon Us?

Are the Biblical End Times Upon Us?
(from the December 2022 Newsletter)

The quick takeaway from this is that people sense things are wrong, but have little understanding of the topic. This means they have heard the term discussed, perhaps, but there has not been a serious look at the topic personally.

The internals show this with some pretty off replies by those polled:

“Of the 47% of Christians who believe humanity is living in the end times, 20% said Jesus will return to earth and the “world situation will worsen until then,” with an additional 27% stating they believe in the end of days but not in that particular dynamic.“

What is troubling is how much the Bible speaks on the topic, but a low number of those who identify as Christians do not have even a basic understanding of the timeline clearly shown in Scripture.

How can a church be most easily defeated and rendered useless in God’s hand. Convince the people, through the “leaders” that Scripture is not pure, perfect, without error and completely authoritative on all matters of faith and practice, that’s how.

This article gets into the numbers and with each successive such poll, the numbers continue to move in the wrong direction. This can be viewed a couple ways: Fear and uncertainty going forward for the church, or the one I hold which is, we are right on schedule, the church will be a remnant when Jesus returns for His bride.

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